Beijing SunMoom IP Law Firm.is committed to provide its clients, both at home and abroad, with a
broad spectrum of intellectual property services, i.e.
 1.1 Advice on trademark protection and strategies.
 1.2 Proceedings in availability searches, application, dispute, assignment, contractual or licensing,
   transfer, status change, renewal, opposition and petition for cancellation of improperly registered
   marks etc.;
 1.3 Handling trademark infringement cases, requesting administrative investigation and mediation and
   dealing with other related legal matters;
 1.4 Service for domain name registration, dissension and dispute handling etc;
 1.5 Related documents' translation.  
 3.1 Advice on copyright protection and strategies including copyright infringement, requesting
   administrative investigation and mediation and handling other related legal matters;
 3.2 Registration of copyright both in China and abroad;
 3.3 Proceedings in registration and protection of computer software;
 3.4 Service in respect of copyright protection on the internet;
 3.5 Copyright licensing and transfer;
 3.6 Related documents's translation.

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